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365 Miles in 365 Days!

365 Miles in 365 Days!

Nov 3, 2011

This morning some of the Shreddy Crew headed out for a sunrise hike up Squaw Valley. The winds were fierce, and the temperature was cold to match. Spirits were high though! We all had the pleasure of joining Danny as he reached his goal of 365 miles of hiking in 1 year from the date of his injury- A goal that Danny set for himself back in February. Danny really achieved this goal in just 9 months when you consider that one of those months he was in the ICU and we are still 2 months shy of the 1 year mark! Not bad dude! It was a fun morning and everyone was really stoked to see Danny reach his goal.

Danny has high hopes of returning to the slopes in a couple months and is just waiting for the final word from doctors which will hopefully be in just a couple weeks.

The “Moving Forward” teaser will be out on November 15th. The full length will be out on January 10th. These videos will take a much better in depth look as to what happened to Danny and how his story is nothing short of amazing!

~ Conor

  • Lorenzo

    Hey does anyone know the song ive been looking for it forever??


    Shreddy Times Reply:

    The song is “Welcome Home, Son” by Radical Face. Great song isn’t it!