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65 Foot Triple Front Flip

65 Foot Triple Front Flip

Jul 30, 2010

Meet Mike Wilson… Mike is a guy who feels more comfortable off the ground than on it. He does things that most people wouldn’t even consider or even be able to imagine.

Mike Wilson Triple Front Flip from Shreddy Times on Vimeo.

Mikes talents require a tough stomach. He is a skiier, basejumper, rope swinger, cliff diver, etc. If it’s extreme he probably done it, doing it, or planning on doing it. He is incredibly calculated with what he does. All you have to do is watch how smooth he moves in the air to see that he knows exactly where he is and what he id doing at all times. Check out this combo rope swing base jump he did off the cable car lines at Squaw Valley USA…

More adventures with Wilson coming soon!

  • jj

    thats gnarly