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Contest Explanation

Contest Explanation

Jul 24, 2010

Wizard Staff Fun! from Shreddy Times on Vimeo.

Do you have a camera, and a bunch of friends who like to party? Of course you do!
Do you want to win some sweet swag from Shreddy Times? Check.

Then it’s time to get down with our Wizard Staff Contest.

How to Play Wizard Staff:

Drink a beer and when you’re done, tape the empty can to the bottom of your next beer. Repeat until you have a staff of 21 cans, or more if you dare–seems difficult doesn’t it.

The game can become even more fun if you and your friends allow yourselves to earn special magical wizard powers as you go–you just finished two beers? Great, you’ve earned the power of speech! You are now allowed to talk to your friends.

Shreddy Contest

The winner will be the one who submits the best Wizard Staff photo. This could be a stylish shot, an action shot, a “things went wrong” shot. Up to you. Creativity and beer drinking ability are the key. Judging will take place beginning Sunday, August 15th. That gives you two full weeks from today to get pics with your friends killing it at Beer Staff. To enter a photo simply post it on the wall of the Shreddy Times Facebook page or upload it to the website via the photo submission under the link at the top left corner that says “Wizard Staff Contest.”

All photos will then be moved into a website gallery on the night of the 8th. At that point we will run a poll for 1 week on the site. Winner will be the entry with the most votes. Prizes will be announced in the next few days. We will make it worth your while for sure.

1st place guys prize: Anon Contender Sunglasses + more
1st place womens prize: Roxy Ollie Pop Snowboard + more (let’s see it ladies, show us what you can do with a staff)

Advanced Game Play

#1 Don’t forget the duct tape
(if your cans are not all connected when you’re done, then it doesn’t count!)
#2 Always drink out of the can that’s taped to the top of the staff
(you might want a stool or table handy to stand on when you get near the high teens)
#3 You puke, you’re out!
#4 First to 21 cans wins (the game) or last man standing :)
#5 Make up your own special wizard powers for reaching certain levels of wizardry, if you’re feeling lazy, here are list of my favorites:

2 beers = TALKER: now you can talk to your friends.
4 beers = WALKER: you are now allowed to get out of your chair or stand up off the ground and walk whereever you like.
7 beers = STALKER: you are now allowed to talk to members of the opposite sex.
9 beers = WIZ-ERD: you are now allowed to go to the bathroom as you wish.
12 beers = SLAP TARD: you have just drank enough beers to slap anyone you want, CHOOSE WISELY!
14 beers = SPEED BOOST: remember how earlier you learned how to walk? Well, now you can run (preferably away from the people who are trying to slap you!)
18 beers = THINKER: you have now earned the power to speak your mind, tell people about life experiences, and what you think about politics or religion, or even pose questions about the great unknown.
21 beers = WIZARD! you have won the game and all the minions that you left behind will now have to catch up if they too want to: MAKE UP ANY RULE THEY WANT AT THE moment they finish their 21st beer and tape it to the stafff!

  • silver

    last rule : dont drive!


  • Mayo

    forgot to add my new favorite rule: MAD-HATTER: once your staff surpasses your height you can make a Wizards Hat out of your empty beer box and your duct tape


  • Danny

    That last rule is pretty money MayO!


  • http://cpsconline.com Ballsagna

    You’re supposed to fight a boss every 3 or 5 levels. Examples of bosses are “Boss Cuervo”, “Boss Popov”, “Boss Johnny” and so on. You defeat the Boss by taking the shot (friends not needing to level up are encouraged to join you in the battle). Only then can you advance another level.


  • http://www.shreddytimes.com Conor

    Damn that sounds rough. I wouldn’t make it past 10 if I added Boss factor.


  • Mayo

    BOSS FACTOR…. its so boss