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Cooler than Mike?

Cooler than Mike?

Nov 28, 2010

You think you’re cooler than me? Well you probably are…but you’re definitely not cooler than Mike Wilson. He raised the bar with his unprecedented rope swing triple backflip into the Truckee River. In case you missed it, the release point on this particular rope swing was 60 feet high, and Mike was over land for a majority of the jump…until he somehow torpedoed into the narrow “window of opportunity” section of the river. Wilson stomped, stomped, and stomped some more…to which you would think he would go home and rest. Not the case. Wilson’s a Beast!

Instead of patting himself on the back while claiming illest rope swing/extremist in the western hemisphere, Mike Wilson lost sleep, weight and sanity thinking about how he was going to one-up himself. The creative wheels started turning and the hit was on…With the help of Hula Networks Wilson concocted a quadruple back flip off a 99 foot rope swing into the royal blue depths of Lake Tahoe.

With the unique combination of childlike eagerness and calculated focus, Mike crafted a pulley system conducive to rocking a quadruple back flip. A four-day shoot session started with a California sunrise and Subway sandwiches…hand-delivered by Wilson’s Mom!

The events that took place between Sunrise, Day 1 and Sunset, Day 4 were out of control. The Shreddy Times Crew scoured the lake/cliffs to get, the, shots. Large crowds gathered on the cliffs, boats and waterbound onlookers pulled up to enjoy the “Great Show,” a term coined by Wilson’s fan and father.

Mike Wilson trajected himself into the record books with a MASSIVE 99 Foot rope swing quadruple back flip. Summer 2010, Lake Tahoe. Enough Said.

- Rogers


Mike Wilson 99 Foot Rope Swing Quadrouple Backflip from Shreddy Times on Vimeo.

All footage © Shreddy Times.

Thank you Hula Networks for their support.

Hula Networks

  • Matthew D

    Once again I am BLOWN AWAY!!!!!


  • Bob Stash



  • Thomas snow

    He is the craziest guy I know… Aha I’m glad I dint fall off that one…


  • Anonymous

    rope swing to base jump hmmmm


  • Cheese

    WOW!! How long have you been hiding this Conor?? Next level shit!


  • http://www.shreddytimes.com Shreddy Times

    @Cheese. We shot it 2 months ago.


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  • http://? matt

    Mike Wilson is nuts.


  • Guest

    Insane stuff, never thought it was possible. Can’t ignore the top notch editing though.


  • Matt Madison

    The only thing crazier than this Mike Wilson hurling himself into a quadruple backflip, is the quality of the videos that you guys are putting together! Elise and I watched this and both had to comment on the insane clarity and flow to your vids. Always pumped to see a new post from Shreddy Times!


  • http://fortrisskateboards.com ronny williams

    gnarliest rope swing. good editing / filming keep up the good work


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  • Buggy

    absurd video! awesome job guys


  • JPInReno

    Mike Wilson IS…what Willace was talkin’ about!!! Crazy awesome!


  • adam sellers

    three simple letters is all that need be said WOW I love it. Where do i sign up for this.


  • http://Shreddytimes.com cushtion



  • Newschooler

    Hey guys,

    Dunno if u know it but your vid got published on a Dutch website and has 65k views there.

    Here’s the link: http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/1224991/1106c62f/slingeren_voor_gevorderden.html


  • Tahoe Todd

    Man… Sweeeeet ! Been I
    tahoe since 1965. That is frickin rad Bro!


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=800924869 Gizmo

    Mike no one will be cooler then you haha
    nah man, crazy video im blown away,
    i would love to try that rope swing haha


  • Noble

    This group of friends at ShreddyTimes.com puts together the most amazing and best videos ever, showing off their group’s huge level of talents!!!


  • Tahoe Danny

    Ahhhh BRA!!!! been in tahoe since ’06 ….I’ve read about this ropeswing before and heard it was created in 1927. Myth be told is that one person did 8 backflips off it and then disappeared for good…


  • JEAN



  • Rick in Arizona

    Lot more to that stunt than meets the eye!! First would be SKILL but even more important, a giant set of kahonies!

    Keep em comming Mike.


  • Rosalie Bélanger

    what is the name of the tuune ? :)


  • Steph

    I may or may not be in love with mike wilson, ya’ll need to tell him that there’s some legit shit to jump off on the east coast too, due to fact the applachian moutians make some cliffs


  • Fixerito

    cock strong half a block long. crazy fck’er.


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