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Danny Is The Bomb

Danny Is The Bomb

Jan 15, 2011

Dear Shreaddy Times fans,

My brother and co-owner of Shreddy Times, Danny Toumarkine, just suffered a TBI (traumatic brain injury) on January 3rd. He was on a filming trip with Shreddy Times in Teton Pass, MT and hit a small fun little jump on the side of the trail and fell into a group of trees. No one saw the actual fall, but when his friends and I arrived to help him, he was lying face down unconscious exhaling blood with every respiration. It was every bit as terrifying as it sounds.

Fast forward to today, January 15th. Danny has had two craniotomies. He is currently heavily sedated and carefully monitored. He has a tracheostomy- which is a tube that runs through your neck and is hooked up to a ventilator that breaths for you. He has a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy, or a PEG- which is a tube that runs from the outside of his abdomen and into his stomach. A piece of Danny’s skull is being stored just under the skin in his abdomen. When the brain swelling subsides the bone will be placed back in his head. At the moment the only thing separating his brain from the outside world is the skin flap covering the area the bone was removed from.

It has been eight days since Danny arrived in the ICU. On a good day Danny is able to wiggle his toes and move his arms. Nothing is certain about what will happen an hour from now. His vitals are constantly changing. Even if he does make it out of this predicament doctors are unsure what the brain damage will be.

As I sit here in Great Falls, MT on the fifth floor of the Benefis Hospital in room 5109 watching Danny and listening to the sound of the ventilator breathing for him all I can do is wait. This is by far the hardest thing that I’ve ever been through. When he wakes up it will be the hardest thing he will most likely ever go through. Save yourself and your loved ones from this awful misery… Buy yourself a helmet if you don’t already have one.

A lot of things are pretty unsure about the time to come and that certainly includes my/our plans to make a snowboard video. For the meantime edits will be released when appropriate.
I started a website to follow his progression throughout this experience. If you would like to follow his progress, share your thoughts, or donate to his recovery check out www.dannyisthebomb.com.

  • chase egbert

    you and your brother are amazing people. I know what you are doing for youe brother now will help him and all the people that love you. Prayers from all the workes at teton pass and our families.


  • jbang

    much love to you and your brother. i’m so sorry to hear of the accident.


  • http://www.ngocvnguyen.com mikey nguyen

    hoping for the best. i’ll be thinking of you guys.


  • eric

    my prayers go out to danny and ur family. im so sorry to hear of this incident


  • Tyler

    Gruesome story, I really hope he gets better. You guys seem like awesome friends to get him through this shitty time, keep up the support!


  • Joe Shin

    i’m sorry to hear about what happened. i hope he gets better soon. much love. you have my prayers.


  • wilbur

    peace and love, be their for each other- hope your back on your feet ASAP.


  • Logan

    Im 16 and you and Danny have inspired me so much, thanks! get well soon Danny!:)


  • Adam C

    I really enjoy watching the videos you guys produce and I really hope Danny gets better!


  • Anonymous

    “gute Besserung” & heads up !!