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Danny wins $3,000 at Cholula Triple Air

Danny wins $3,000 at Cholula Triple Air

Feb 20, 2010

A couple of cool pics from the Cholula Triple Air.


Open Mens
1st Trevor Jacob
2nd Daniel Toumarkine
3rdTyler Anderson
4th Cory Wetstone
5th Brandon Concard
6th Mark Reininga
7th Spencer Link
8th Everett Long
9th Chris Hagerty
10th Nicholas Sibayan
11th Nicholas Weiss
12th Taylor Carlton
13th Tyler Flanagan
14th Garrett Warnick
15th Cody Weselis
16th Kile Lopiccolo

Open Women

1st Stacie Anderson
2nd Nirvana Ortanez
3rd Isabelle Lalive
4th Micki Slchta
5th Jamie Madrid