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Every Rose Has a Thorn

Every Rose Has a Thorn

Nov 9, 2010

The Shreddy Times crew went up to Mt Rose yesterday in search of pow. A foot of light dry snow had just fallen up top, and the gang was itching to make a few turns. We made our way up the mountain and hiked up a couple hundred yards to find a nice shredable face. The snow was fun but early season coverage was definitely an issue. On nearly every run the nice peaceful feeling of floating in pow was rudely interrupted by the harsh scraping sound of metal meeting rock. Boney lines left our boards, especially Ian’s, a little worse for wear.

Moss, Danny and Silver were charging the whole time going for the longer lines down into the trees. Michelle showed up late and jumped right in to join the party. After sending it off a few little lips and dodging some trees we were ready for a bigger run so we headed across the street to the resort and found a big trail with plenty of coverage. We strapped in, and looked down just in time to see the groomers leave a fresh path of corduroy near the bottom of the trail. All at once, the crew thrashed down. The pace had quickly changed – everyone was booking it!

Once at the bottom Michelle tried to hitch a ride back up the hill to get her truck. To everyone’s surprise 15 cars passed before someone finally picked her up. Upon her return, we all jumped in the back the truck and enjoyed a cold ride up Mt Rose. Sitting in the back of the truck with the cold air passing by my face, I realized in one quick moment: “Its Winter!”

Our day was filled with laughter, face shots…as well as core shots, screaming and smiles. We left Rose wanting more…see you on our next shreddy adventure!


Photos by Michelle Parker and Danny Toumarkine