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Getting The Shot

Getting The Shot

Oct 22, 2011

Brian Steinhoff takes a minute to explain how he got this totally wicked photo of Mike doing the triple. If you are looking to put a face to a name you can find Stein DJing in the “Trip Of A Lifetime” video as well as doing what’s known around the island as the “Pretty Boy.” The Pretty Boy is a super stylish dive where you put one hand behind your head and the other on your hip– It’s pretty steezy.

Camera set up: Canon 30D, Tamron 17 – 70 at 42mm, 1/1600, f4, ISO 1000, 11 shots RAW, gorilla pod tripod.

Getting this shot is all a bit of a blur really, zero sleep and the adrenaline of racing to catch good light are to blame. After helping Andrew and Conor get their gear set I knew just where i wanted to take the sequence from. Thankfully the gorilla pod was perfect for the job wrapping around the cliff top fence and keeping the camera still. I got the camera set in manual mode and did a couple tests. Boom mike was off like pro. I got the shots i wanted but unfortunately the camera lagged at shot 10 and i missed a frame before he splashed… damn.

This was my first time editing a sequence. I started by doing my normal thing in lightroom, exposure, saturation, contrast, noise reduction etc, exported to Tiff files and imported to photoshop. Found some handy youtube tutorials and used layers and masks to get the sequence set up. Next I spent a bit of time cloning out the inconveniently placed camera man behind mikes take off (WTF conor!). I’m happy with how it came out and think it compliments the awesome edits done by Shreddy Times and Burnt House productions and does Mikes insane jump justice. Hope you like it.