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Halladay Rides Away and Goes Hollywood

Halladay Rides Away and Goes Hollywood

Jul 18, 2010

Some of you have probably already seen the clip; but if you haven’t, you really should check this out. Moss Halladay got pretty gnarly on his first ever run in AK. About halfway down his run on the Berlin Wall, Moss triggered a slide that had him lined up for some pretty rough terrain. Luckily, Moss made it away without any problems at all. Here is the clip of the slide if you haven’t already seen it:

Berlin Wall- First Run in Alaska from moss halladay on Vimeo.

That slide along with a lot of other cool footage made up a sweet teaser of this year’s Tailgate Alaska. It’s an annual event that brings big mountain riders from all over the world to the mecca of it all: AK. Looks like it was a really awesome time up there. Moss and two buddies, Ian Mcleod and Paul Gemignani, headed up for this year’s event and said it was an absolute blast.

Tailgate Alaska 2010: The Movie – Trailer from TAILGATE ALASKA on Vimeo.