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How My Summer Plans Changed

How My Summer Plans Changed

Jul 1, 2010

April 30th was a spring day of riding that I will never forget. It was one of the most memorable beautiful days of the entire “winter.” Partly because we did something new and different, but mostly because it really was an awesome bluebird 55 degree day.

The day before it had snowed about a foot and a half. During the bulk of the storm, my friend Craig and I explored our way around Blackwood Canyon on the Wast shore of Lake Tahoe. Deep into whoopy snowmobile ride we found a couple of spots to build jumps. Both setups looked really promising and fun.

On the second day Craig and I were joined by Danny and Moss. We knew it was going to be warm so we got a really early start to beat the Sierra cement. We all had our skis and snowboards with us, but quickly found that we were all enjoying snowmobiling more. We made our way back to a scenic lookout about 6 or 7 miles in before we found a good place to rally around. After shooting some photos and getting stuck several times we decided to check out a new zone (All pictures were taken up till this point).

On our way back further into the canyon I found some terrain that looked a little intimidating given my ability; but I went for it anyway. That decision resulted in the bill that you see attached. As I neared the top of a hill I lost traction and began to spin out. I didn’t really know what to do so I locked the breaks up and looked over my shoulders-you see, there was no way to easily make a turn right or left because the terrain looked suspect to say the very least. My nerves began to race as I made my way backwards down a hill that I would never otherwise ride that way. I made it almost all the way down the hill frantically looking over my shoulder in hopes that I could guide the sled and myself to safety. Unfortunately, that did not happen. As I neared the bottom I hit a bump in the snow which bucked me off my sled. At this point, with no one in control, the sled ski caught. This began the sled in a motion that would ultimately flip it one full rotation, perpendicular to the fall line. The ski landed directly on my leg which triggered two very memorable senses: 1) the sound of my ACL poping 2) the crunching feeling of knee parts meeting for the first time. was a very pleasant feeling let me tell you.

The bummer of the situation is that I have to live with the fact that I know Moss and Danny made it look like it was no big deal to go up the very hill that changed my summer plans. Oh well, better luck next time.

Side Thought: Snowmobiling is awesome…so is Health insurance.

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