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Jake Hickman – 1 Year Later

Jake Hickman – 1 Year Later

Jan 6, 2013

While competing for a spot at the US selections event in 2011 Jake Hickman took a bad spill during practice that would change his life forever. This video was made in an effort to celebrate the last year of Jake’s life and the incredible adversity that he has overcome.

I was lucky enough to shoot with Jake about 6 months ago for a little update and was blown away by how well he was doing. High Fives (http://highfivesfoundation.org) Founder Roy Tuscany set me up to film an update because he couldn’t even wait a year to show the world on how incredible Jake’s recovery had gone. At the time I was totally impressed. It was hard to believe he was doing corked out rotations and riding a dirt bike when only 6 months previously he had major life-changing surgery.

Here is the video we shot together six months ago…

Jake Hickman Athlete Update from Shreddy Times on Vimeo.

Dirtbikes have good suspensions, trampolines are designed to absorb impact, when I got to Colorado and saw Jake ripping moguls I could hardly believe it. It looked like a back ache to me and I am hardware free! Jake was charging down the Selections course with the same style and precision that he had the year before in practice. Only Jake and his coaches would be able to recognize the subtle differences in his skiing style. To the rest of us, this guy is legend.

Hard work and dedication can pay off and Jake is a testimony to that. It was a pleasure working with Jake and I hope his story can inspire others the way he inspired me.

~ Conor

Jake Hickman – 1 Year Later from Shreddy Times on Vimeo.