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Jake Hickman – Update

Jake Hickman – Update

Jul 1, 2012

Jake Hickman is not your average recovery story. When I first talked to Jake about filming I was pretty blown away. He told me about his injury 6 months which left him partially paralyzed. Then he informed me that we could shoot recovery footage of him hitting his trampoline, dirt biking and doing performance training. What? Wait? Your accident was when?

All I could think to myself was wow. How in the world has this kid recovered from a T8 vertebrae fracture with an incomplete paralysis of the spinal cord in 6 months. I can’t wait to meet this kid.

When we met up I had a hard time believing what I was seeing. Jake was crushing everything he put his hands on. He was doing performance training I couldn’t dream of, ripping his dirt bike, and doing trampoline maneuvers that could have been an edit all in it’s own.

Jake is one talented hard working kid. His determination is incredible and there was never a chance that Jake wasn’t going to get back on his feet. It was only when.

Hopefully Jake makes his way back onto the World Cup team. In the meantime. Enjoy Senor year buddy!

~ Conor