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First Run Down “The Fingers” with Johnny P

First Run Down “The Fingers” with Johnny P

Nov 29, 2010

3 days ago Squaw Valley USA opened it’s famous KT-22 chairlift, which accesses some of the best in-bounds terrain in The world. Including the extra gnar chute/cliff area known as “The Fingers”. Alongside of the technicality of these lines comes the added dread/delight of having a chairlift run directly overhead.

John Parker charged an early season run, and lost a pole in the act. He spent the rest of the day trying to retrieve it.

*Notice* Bad form leaving Equipment on any terrain
*Notice* Mission accomplished.

Shred on.

- Rogers

First Run Down “The Fingers” 2010 from Shreddy Times on Vimeo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mosshalladay Moss

    Soo Awesome!!!!


  • http://michelle-parker.com Michelle

    Funniest helmet cam I’ve ever seen.


  • Bob Stash

    Dude that was great! i would said fuck it! awesome determination Very Funny