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From One Editor To Another

From One Editor To Another

Oct 22, 2011

Message From Drew (Bermudian Filmer and Editor)To ST regarding the two edits and our experience in Bermuda:

Conorrr what up bie? The vids turned out SO sick mate we’ve been getting huge feedback on our end too. I gotta say the fact that you and Mike actually made it down to Bermy is crazy.

I think when we started this whole ‘Falling off the Rock’ filming 3 years ago the core crew could def. see the potential for this outlandish pass time but weren’t sure how far we could take it. It’s one of those things that pretty much every Bermudian grows up doing and for some their first swimming lesson comes immediately after their first jump. Each year we’d debate how much bigger we could really go and somehow each year we’d find some redunkulous location or individual to pull off some sick trick. Props to the team for tossing themselves off de cliffs. Blame a lot of it on de rum lol.

What makes these vids unique is the Bermudian flare and style they throw down from lock-ups to kackanakas and its cool watching the progression each year. I know when a new vid comes out it’s great listening to either the old boys who have their own tales of growing up cliff jumping or the new yutes (young guys) learning to do it themselves. Def. the biggest complement is having other groups busting out their own vids after watching ‘Falling off the Rock’. So back to the whole idea of how the hell were we gonna go bigger for summer 2011 when the following year resulted in bloody noses, pinched spinal nerves and missing memory…… Insert Evans message to you. Sooooo random.

I guess the public gets an idea of how random this experience was from the beginning of your vid but from our end it was this random, shot in the dark, almost throw away youtube message which turned into cliff jumping madness. Who gets a youtube message from some random person on some random lil island and is like…..”ya, that sounds like a plan”. Boom tickets booked! lol. I think the first moment I knew we had just invited some crazy cats down and this was going to be an insane trip was when we were picking up Mike from the airport by boat. He’s down on the rocks, shirts already off ready for some insanity and he throws us his carry-on bag. Turns out to be a parachute…………..!?! I’m like OKayyy, this just got a lil bigger than I expected. lol. Such a wicked time, it actually felt like we had known you guys since sprouts. But man, props for taking it to the next level with us and all the ignorant debauchery in between. nuff said. lol. We’ve got the 2012 project already in the works. Will shout you later about it!

Safe dun

Here are Drew’s Edits from This year: