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Music For “Moving Forward”

Music For “Moving Forward”

Jan 25, 2012

Thank you everyone who helped find, and or compose music for our, “Moving Forward”, movie. We were so overwhelmed by the amount music that you all helped send our way that we couldn’t even come close to using everything. For those of you that did make it into the movie we would like to highlight your compositions throughout the film in order of appearance in the movie. We made this video to help show you all where your music was featured, so we hope you enjoy!

I Love Monsters – “Rescue”
DEERPEOPLE — “Dr. Gay Washington”
DJ Largechild — “Shook (Mash Up)”
Alexander — “Truth”
Matt Zajac — “Moving Forward”
Maclane Georgeson – “Sobering Moment”
Matt Guillroy – “Bounce”
Jeff Pianki – “Reenactment Pt. 1″
Jeff Pianki — “Reenactment Pt. 2″
I Break Horses — “Winter Beats”
DJ Largechild — “Cross It Remix (Jose Gonzalez v Missy Elliott)”
Oddisee — “Skipping Rocks”
Lee Coulter — “The Rendezvous”
Con Bro Chill – “Power Happy”
Marc B — “Forgiven”




In addition to the musicians that we highlighted a thank you is in order to Nick Rice. Nick went to college with Danny and manages a company called 1 band 1 brand. His company was able to help us acquire three very key tracks to the video including the songs “Power Happy” “Winter Beats” and “Truth.” Nick wanted to help out on this project because “Danny’s story is truly inspirational. It touched so many people in many different ways. It was super rad to be a part of this project not only to help spread the word about a true homie, but to generate awareness about safety prevention.”

Nick explains that 1 Band 1 Brand’s “ultimate objective is to introduce emerging bands and brands to the world to help them take off. Although we have our own Web platform, 1band1brand.com, it’s great when we can expand our distribution channels to include complementary companies like Shreddy Times. We help you score cool music and you help bands we love get noticed by a broader audience. It’s a win-win.”