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Profile – Brandon Reis

Andy Lloyd

DOB 8/16/88
Hometown Peterborough NH
Sponsors Flow, Eleven swiss outerwear, Celtek, Neff, BOA, Easternboarder, 525 east, NXTZ, and Hot Box Socks.
LINKS Flow Eleven
Other then snowboarding, what makes you happiest in life?
Other then snowboarding, I love having fun and acting like im 13 still, i will always try to act 13. I love to skate, surf, wakeskate, wakeboard, pretty much anything that involves a board. Love spending days fishing, or hanging/watching animals. When i cant be doing any of these things i love just hanging with my girl.
What are 5 things on your "Bucket List"?
What the hell is a bucket list?? hahaha!!!!
What trick do you know you do too often? What’s the problem why can’t you get over it?
A back seven nose, or a front board, or Reese Cup. They just feel so easy and fun to do on anything.
Where was the coolest place you have ever been? What was cool about it?
Norway, such an amazing place, feels so good, but its kinda pricey, but they make up for it with the absolute perfect girls, seriously! There ugly ones are even perfect.
If you could spend 1 hour with any person in the world who would it be? Why?
Favorite snowboarder other than yourself?
Sam Hulbert, Simon Chamberlin or Bittner.
What was the coolest moment of your entire life so far?
When i got the email saying i was going to be in X Games!
Top 5 bands or songs you are listening to?
Top pop hits, there are more then five.
Top 5 favorite movies?
Sara marshal, bambi, Cheaper by the dozen, Fast and furious, Gone in 60 seconds, and grown ups. Theres quite a few XXX rated ones to online that are pretty sweet.
What fuels you?
Fun, and doing stuff thats dangerous.
What annoys you?
Being stressed.
What’s the coolest thing that your snowboard career has done for you?
Met so many amazing people, made so many good friends, have got to travel around the world, And been in the X games.
What’s the worst injury that you have ever sustained? How it happened?
I didnt get that hurt, but i should have lost my life. I am a lucky kid for surviving the car accident i was in, god kept me here for a reason, and i thank him for everything he has given me. Ask me some time about it, i will gladly tell you what i remember.
If you were trapped on an island for the rest of your life and you could only have one thing what would it be?
A girl DTF