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Profile – George Hjelte

George Hjelte

Hometown Tahoe City , CA
Sponsors Electric, Atomic, DNA\Descente
What type of athlete do you consider yourself?
First I am skier, but I enjoy lots of other action sports in the offseason.
If you could only have your skis or your snowmobile which would it be?
Skis, I use my sled to access the terrain so I can ski it first and foremost, but damn sleds are fun as hell!
Other than skiing and snowmobiling, what makes you happiest in life?
spending time with my friends and family, and enjoying good food and wine. I know that sounds a little fruity, but I am a wine-O, and proud of it. I do love a cold PBR in the backcountry though.
Where’s the greatest place you have ever visited?
Thompson Pass Alaska and the Chugach range. My only heli days were spent here.
Who inspires you?
My friends like Cody, Greg, Mat, Timmy, Elyse, Abro, JT, and a shit tone of other squaw skiers inspire me to not be scared and shred harder, but the atmospher is always full of laughter and fun. Never taking yourself to seriously is important. Fun is #1
What fuels you?
Mostly the feeling of accomplishment when you scare the crap out of yourself, and stomp it. But living in trenchtown, aka getting pitted, aka making an epic powder turn, also gets me up before the sun on a lot of mornings.
What annoys you?
Traffic, especially on Pow days. Lift lines, gas prices, rain in the winter, sled problems, and big brother government.
What are you most afraid of?
the Alaskan Double, we prefer Canadian style
What did it feel like to find out you nominated to the Action Sports Hall of Fame?
Confused, what the hell is the action sports hall of fame?
What are you afraid of?
Horses have always scared me, horse power does not
If your not out filming in the backcountry where can we find you?
Squaw Valley, skiing. Le Chamiox having an apre beer, work at Uncorked in Squaw. Home in Sunnyside
If you win the lottery what’s next?
Traveling around the world to surf and ski, buying a house in Tahoe.
If you were on a desert island for the rest of your life what is one item that you would need?
A sail boat