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Profile – JT Holmes

JT Holmes

DOB06 21 1980
Hometown Squaw valley USA
Sponsors K2, Five Ten, Smith, Sessions, Squaw Valley, Go Pro, Clif Bar
What type of athlete do you consider yourself?
Ski and airborne.
If you could only have your skis or your snowmobile which would it be?
Skis… Duh
Other than skiing and snowmobiling, what makes you happiest in life?
Speed riding / family
Where’s the greatest place you have ever visited?
Aiguille du midi
Who inspires you?
Antoine Montant
What fuels you?
Clif Bar
What annoys you?
What are you most afraid of?
Spinal cord injury
How pro are you?
I am pro. Been paying all my bills through sponsorships for 15 years. I compete, I shoot, I respond to emails, I am pro.
Who is the best skier that you know?
The man in the mirror, obviously!
If your not out filming in the backcountry where can we find you?
Squaw Valley’s KT 22
If you win the lottery what’s next?
Same stuff but probably load the sleds and a helicopter into a c130 and chase the pow