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Profile – Mat Jackson

Mat Jackson

DOB October 14, 1986
Hometown Olympic Valley, CA
Sponsors Volkl, Marker, Smith Optics andHhelmets, The North Face, Discrete Headwear
What type of athlete do you consider yourself?
I consider myself to be a backcountry ski bum
If you could only have your skis or your snowmobile which would it be?
It would be my skis the only reason I have a snowmobile today is because of skiing.
Other than skiing and snowmobiling, what makes you happiest in life?
Mountain biking, sunshine, and hanging out with my friends.
Where’s the greatest place you have ever visited?
Revelstoke, B.C.
Who inspires you?
People that ski at Squaw Valley everyone here sends it all the time.
What fuels you?
My morning cup of coffee
What annoys you?
Waiting in lift lines that what sleds are for
What are you most afraid of?
the Alaskan Double, we prefer Canadian style
What did it feel like to find out you nominated to the Action Sports Hall of Fame?
Shocking I don’t even know what this means…..
How pro are you?
More pro than Greg Lindsey
If your not out filming in the backcountry where can we find you?
Skiing Squaw Valley, USA
If you win the lottery what’s next?
A mega yacht with an A-Star and a pilot.
Who is the best skier that you know?
Arne Backstrom
If you were on a desert island for the rest of your life what is one item that you would need?
Some vital seeds