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Profile – Michelle Parker

DOB 4-10-87
Hometown Tahoe City, CA
Sponsors Mountain Hardwear, Smith, Dakine, Kicker, Wildflour Baking Co., Tahoe Teas
At what age did you become a professional skier?
How do you feel about skiing with snowboarders?
Nothing but good vibes and times. Always fun to mix it up.
Who is the best boyfriend you have ever had? Why?
Good one, Danny is the best boyfriend I’ve ever had for too many reasons to list.
What is the worst kind of goggle tan?
Any goggle tan.
Does eating and living a green life make you a better woman?
Yes. Makes me more conscious of my actions. I still have lot’s to do before I can consider my life to be “green.”
What is it like to come back from a serious injury?
A big lesson in patience. It was trying, but I’ve never been more excited for winter. I’m just happy that the injury is behind me now and I can ski.
Who has been the most influential person in your life?
My parents for sure.
Is it easy or hard to be a professional skiier?
Both. Sometimes it’s easy when everything falls into place, but it’s really hard when you’re injured.
if you weren’t a professional skiier what would you be doing?
I’d imagine I would have been a ski bum for a couple of years out of high school before jumping into college. I take that back, I’d probably still be a ski bum. I’d have to find a way to make it work.

Do you think switch skiing looks cool? Have you ever been embarrassed doing it?
Do you afterbang?
When I feel like it.

What was the happiest moment in your skiing career?
The first days back on skis after injuries are usually the happiest moments.

What do like to do when you are not skiing?
Mountain bike, climb, hike, read, cook, explore, take photos, and eat. Anything outside.

What are you most afraid of?
Spiders!!! Can’t stand them.

Where is the best skiing in the world?
Where ever there’s stable, never ending pow runs with pillows and trees. Where ever you are with your friends.

How many different countries have you been to?
I think 15

  • Alexander Croci

    Hello Michelle, a picture on here that displays the various Sarah stickers had yellow “Remember Sarah” stickers. Do you have any of these yellow left? I did not see yellow as a choice on the order form. Thanks Michelle!

    Alex Croci


  • Redd

    I had ordered a believe in Sarah sticker over a week ago to be delivered to CT and it has not yet arrived. Could you please email me to confirm my order.