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Profile – Tim Dutton

Andy Lloyd

DOB 3-1-1987
Hometown Squaw Valley, CA
Sponsors Lib Tech NAS, Bolle, Mountain Hardwear, Squaw Valley, Five Ten Shoes, Porters Tahoe
What type of athlete do you consider yourself?
If you could only have your skis or your snowmobile which would it be?
Skis for sure.
Other than skiing and snowmobiling, what makes you happiest in life?
BASE jumping and Skydiving.
Where’s the greatest place you have ever visited?
Baffin Island, NU, Canada beside Squaw that is
Who inspires you?
JT Holmes, Shane McConnkey and Candide Thovex
What fuels you?
Caffene and Nicatine
What annoys you?
Earth Muffins
What are you most afraid of?
Giant open areas of water with enormous animals swimming around that you can’t see.
What did it feel like to find out you nominated to the Action Sports Hall of Fame?
At this point I would hope I haven’t been nominated cause I would like to think I have awhile left in my career.
How pro are you?
I mean I am no Brett Favre
Who is the best skier that you know?
You know that one guy.
If you were on an deserted island for the rest of your left and could only have one thing, what would it be?
A plane so I could fly back to the world.
If your not our filming in the backcountry where can we find you?
At Squaw Valley shredding the trees in Granite.
If you win the lottery what’s next?
Exactly what I am doing now, but 1,000,000,000 times faster.

  • didier lopez

    hello tim,b a question is rope jumping and in a smaller way, providing you’re already a good skydiver, a good exercise for base. Because of the exercise that you get of being used to the vertigo effect, what includes that you start of a fixed object. How do you start your way up in cliff jumping, seems fascinating, mucho respect for you, didier



  • Tim

    Hey Didier,

    Thanks man much appreciated. To start cliff jumping start jumping off cliffs into water, learn to skydive. All are good was to get into it.