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Profile – Cody Boan

Cody Boan

DOB 5/6/88
Hometown Breckenridge, Colorado
Sponsors 8========D
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Other then snowboarding, what makes you happiest in life?
Fine babes, tasty waves, cool brews, freshly drained pools, and fishin mon.
What are 5 things on your “Bucket List”?
Squirell suiting off of Mt. Everest
Fly fishing on the Nile river
Ride AK when I am 80
Survive a serious Avalanche and then conquer the same line later that year
Marry and divorce Miley Cyrus before I am 30, then I would be a G
Where was the coolest place you have ever been? What was cool about it?
Whistler: Everything! bungee jumping, paintball, snowboarding in July, pretty girls in short skirts everywhere…what’s not to like? besides everyone saying ehh.
Describe a perfect day of snowboarding?
Wake up with feeling good, fun slopestyle contest with all my homies on sickest setup…then big air evening sesh in the backy gettin epic dusk shots…everyone slays.
Favorite snowboarder other than yourself?
Travis Rice
If you were forced to one place for rest of your life, where would you move to?
No way, that’s not gonna happen. Im too A.D.D.
Top 5 resorts you like to ride?
Alpine Meadows
Vail or A Basin
Top 5 bands or songs you are listening to?
Old Weezy
Big Gigantic
Zion I
Top 5 favorite movies?
The Hangover
Alice in Wonderland
Surfs Up
What fuels you?
Water and A.D.H.D.
What annoys you?
People that can’t sing, but they do it anyway, and guideos.
Who inspires you?
Anyone pushing the limits, and my family
Where would you like to snowboard that you have not yet been?
Everywhere….Japan, Alaska, South America, Norway, New Zealand, you name it i wanna snowboard there
What’s the coolest thing that your snowboard career has done for you?
Getting in the Dew Tour 10/11 Season
What’s the worst injury that you have ever sustained? How it happened?
Dislocated Hip/ Broken Pelvis when i was 14 trying backflips into fake powder
What is the most ridiculous thing that you thought you would be when you grew up?
The President, haha
If you were trapped on an island for the rest of your life, and you could only have one thing, what would it be?
Disney World
What are the funniest videos you have recently seen on the internet