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Profile – Silver Serino

Danny Toumarkine

Hometown Northlake Tahoe, CA
Sponsors Analog clothing, Burton, Anon Optics, Gopro Camera
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What is your favorite thing about snowboarding?
Slashes on a 3 foot pow day
Where would you like to snowboard that you have not yet been?
Japan in the trees, with Nicolas Muller and the homies of course.
What’s the worst injury that you have ever sustained? How it happened?
I’ve broken my back 2 different times…I also ran into a winch cable that tore my acl, mcl and crushing my calf–so rad.
If you were trapped on an island for the rest of your life and you could only have one thing what would it be?
My dog, Fours.
What are some of your favorite edits on the internet?

What are the funniest videos you have recently seen on the internet?