We have fun, join us…


  • Danny Kern

    Hey i just would like to say this group or whatever you would like to call it is one of the coolest things i have ever been introduced to. Me and my friends just live down eighty and hour in a small place call Meadow Vista but we love to do all the same exact shit you guys do. Probably not as extreme as the 4x back flip at bliss but we have our times. Keep doing what you do is pretty much what im trying to say.
    If Your ever looking for an extra photographer im living in tahoe this winter and through the summer just let me know and ill come out and shoot what ever types of shanangins you guys are getting yourselves into.


  • Alexis A

    Inspirational does not even begin to describe you. Friends is just a word, but the definition doesn’t quite fit. You are amazing. When one of you triumphs, you all triumph and when one of you is down, you all are down and hurt and do everything possible in your power to help one another through.. life. So much respect you guys. I hope i can be half the person all of you are when I’m older. Thank you for sharing your story. God Bless & congrats to Danny for a full recovery.


  • Sarah Novotny

    I love the Shreddy Times. You guys are all awesome and thank for all of your hard work and dedication. You guys have all been through a lot in the past year and your strength and heart for your passion and Danny are unbelievably inspiring. I can’t wait to be rep a Shreddy Times hoodie soon. Much love to the whole team especially Danny.


  • Pure Life

    We have a Surf Skate Snow Company and would love to hook up with you and make some Films, We have a line of Skateboard Shoes, Snowboards and Accesories and are opening some Stores. We think you guys have some great athletes and like what you do. http://www.livethepurelife.com


    Shreddy Times Reply:

    Sounds awesome! Can’t tell from the website where you guys are based out of. What do you have in mind? What sort of timeframe. Shoot an email to production@shreddytimes.com and we can start to get it sorted out! Look forward to hearing from you.


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