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Profile – Bob Stash


DOB 10/02/73
Hometown North Conway, New Hampshire
Sponsors PBR, Captian Morgans, Red Bull
Facebook Come on… How many people do you know with birthdays pre ’74 on Facebook?

What is your favorite thing about snowboarding?
Apres and The chicks
Other then snowboarding, what makes you happiest in life?
Cabrewing the Saco, friends and pretty ladies
What are 5 things on your “Bucket List”?
See Everest
Own my own brewery
Fish the Amazon/Alaska
Make More Shreddy Times Videos
Visit all 7 contients
Describe a perfect day of snowboarding?
3 Feet of PowPow, blue bird skys, bunch Of buddies….
Favorite snowboarder other then yourself?
John Jealous, Brent Twomly and Donny Butters (Danny Toumarkine)
If you were forced to one place for rest of your life where would you move to?
New Zealand
Top 5 resorts you like to ride?
Crested Butte
Sattle Back
Sugar Loaf
Audio Kickstand
Traveling Wilburys
Pieboys Flat
Slighty Stupid
State Radio
What are your favorite snowboarding edits
Anything Shreddy
What fuels you?
Sun outdoors PBR
What annoys you?
Rain, dumb people, no beer, not getting what i want
Where would you like to snowboard that you have not yet been?
What is the most ridiculous thing that you thought you would do when you grew up
Work an office job in a sky scarper in Boston! (totally don’t ever want to do that)
If you were trapped on an island for the rest of your life and you could only have one thing what would it be?
Fishing Rod

  • Mayo

    sattle back is generally spelled with “dd”… but i dig your style so I’ll let it slide