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Sarah Burke Sticker Shipping

Sarah Burke Sticker Shipping

Feb 13, 2012

For those of you wondering “Where are my stickers?” or “I wonder when my stickers will ship?” or “Wow, I thought I would have had my stickers by now” here is some info for you all.

If you ordered your stickers before January 31st at 4:30 PM PST your stickers should have arrived by now unless you live somewhere in far off land (defined as somewhere overseas from the United States). If you ordered them more recently than the evening of the 31st until yesterday afternoon 2 PM PST you stickers will ship out tomorrow morning.

If that doesn’t make since this should.
Sticker(s) ordered:
January 19 – January 31st 4:30 PST (You should have your stickers by now. If not please email believeinsarah@shreddytimes.com)
January 31st 4:31 PST – February 12th 2PM PST (Stickers are being shipped out tomorrow (Please wait until the 28th to email us if you haven’t seen them by that time please send a message.
February 12th 2:01 PST (Your stickers will not ship until the 20th or so).

At this point the sticker sales are slowing down heavily so we are going to be shipping them just a couple of more times before we cut the final check to Rory. The absolute final batch of stickers will be going out on March 12th, so if you are waiting until the last minute to make your purchase please do so BEFORE March 10th is done. We will be removing the shopping cart functionality of the sticker sales at that point. That is PLENTY of time to get your stickers and we really don’t want anyone to be upset with on that date. So if you want stickers, get them in the next few weeks.

So far stickers have shipped to the following countries: United States, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Australia, Poland, United Kingdom, France, New Zealand, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Chile, Finland, Sweeden, Japan, Spain, Argentina, China, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark.

We have raised over $16,000 so far!!! It couldn’t have happened with out the love and support of Sarah’s fans, our friends, and of course Sticker Pack and Michelle Parker.

Here are some of the awesome spots that people have placed the stickers.

Don’t forget to send pictures of your stickers in action to: believeinsarah@shreddytimes.com

  • Ruth Dunn

    Hey guys

    Is there any chance I can still order some stickers?

    Cheers Ruth – Scotland