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Is Shaun White Leading a Double Life?

Is Shaun White Leading a Double Life?

Jun 19, 2010

36 hours out of surgery it’s hard to decipher dreams from reality. Things happen that don’t really make sense, and I find it easiest to just blame Percocet. Some thoughts, however, seem to be inspired by this cloudy daze. One such thought came to me at 3am while channel surfing through my pain. When I saw Mask listed on a StarZ channel, I immediately thought of Jim Carey: what I found was Shawn White. Or was it??? In the movie, characters were calling this guy Rocky Dennis. But, it clearly was Shawn White. I mean, there was no discernible difference. Had Shawn somehow gone back in time to star in this 1985 drama? I watched for awhile, then faded away into another drug induced sleep.

The thought would remain dormant until my roomate Dave and I were talking randomly a day ago. Dave confessed, without my influence, that he had noticed the same coincidence when he had seen “Mask.”

I am nearly positive that Shawn White, as talented as he is, was somehow able to go back in time to 1985 to star in Mask. I posted a few images above so that you can decide for yourself.

—If you feel inspired by this coincidence, you are welcome to use the “Shaun Mask” next Halloween, which I have donated above.

—Also, in my efforts to find a picture of Mr. White, I came across a really awesome photo of Shaun at this year’s MTV Music Awards. Viewer discretion of this photo is advised. All I can say about this photo is that I feel bad for his Iphone, which wants so badly to self-destruct rather than feel the wrath of his jeans.

  • yea

    the part was played by eric shultz