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Shreddy Times In Bermuda!

Shreddy Times In Bermuda!

Oct 19, 2011

As I write this post I find it hard to try to be anything less than COMPLETELY stoked about the video I just finished.

Here’s what went down to make this one happen…

There I am, at the computer going through a bunch of YouTube messages about this and that. Anything from what snowboards to buy to how to build rope swings. And then there it was, the diamond in the rough. Ruwswizzle (which I would later find out is THE Bermudian drink but it’s actually called “Rum Swizzle”) hit me up inviting me and Mike down to Bermuda to make a cliff Jumping video. I checked out their two videos from last year and could barely even believe the offer.

Here is what I was looking at in case you are curious:

My first impressions were that their crew was talented, creative, fun, and exciting to watch – they have the Shreddy Vibe! My next thought was, I Hope Mike Wilson is willing to miss some school; Mike had enrolled in school up in Oregon and was perusing a degree for Physical Therapy. One long phone call later Mike and I had agreed that we were going to try to make it over to Bermuda.

I arrived in Bermuda only to find my ride, was no where to be found. After a long taxi ride into the Hamilton I met Mr. Ruwswizzle himself who seemed as though he had been doing just that – Swizzle! Evan apologized and explained that Flight Tracker was responsible for the mishap. His Blackberry said that my flight was not supposed to arrive for another hour- fair enough. But, that’s I guess why I have an iPhone. * I will later find out that BBM is hot on the island and I am the outcast!

The next morning I woke up to Evan holding a cold Heineken in my face, proudly welcoming me to Bermuda. I felt equally terrified and stoked for what was to come as I grabbed the bear. I couldn’t help but feel as though I was agreeing to whatever it was that was headed my way….

Later that day we went and met up with rest of the Falling Off the Rock crew who quickly felt like brothers from another land. Awesome awesome people!

A couple of days later Mike arrived. We picked Mike up on James’s boat right from the airport. The guys from Bermuda even talked about how they had always wanted to pick someone up at the airport. Well Mike Wilson, this wouldn’t be the first or last thing you did that locals had never done now would it? It was pretty cool to watch Mikes face as he realized that he was getting picked up by a boat. Unfortunately, I should have been more worried about getting that shot but instead was stoked to catch up with a friend for a second.

From there… You are about to see the highlights in what I’m saying was the Trip Of a Lifetime.

I can’t say enough about all the people that Mike and I came in contact with while we were in Bermuda. It was such an amazing, beautiful island. Bermuda is has it all. So much so in fact that mike and I were unable to even stick to our original plans. We had initially booked for five and ten day stays (Mike and I respectfully), those numbers turned into 16 and 20 when we just couldn’t get enough of the place. We literally couldn’t leave. It was an amazing experience and one that I will never forget. What makes it even better is that were were able to capture some of the most amazing moments on video.

I hope you all enjoy!

~ Conor

More photos, clips and stories to come.

Here is what we were able to put together.

  • Jonathan

    Very rad!

    When do you guys head to Hawaii next?



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  • http://sewcool21.blogspot.com nialew

    WOW, that was some crazy cliff diving.
    You guys are so talented, Awesome video!


  • Dude

    AWESOMEE !!!


  • Mathieu

    Hi, I want to know when is you next trip and where? Caronmath1379@gmail.com


  • M’hamed

    hi guys, i want to join u next time.
    where and when u’r next trip?


  • Nejc

    hi, i just saw your wideo on youtube and since i’m dooing clif jumping all my life it would mean the world to me if i could join you on one of your trips to Bermuda.
    Please contect me befor you’re going on the next trip. TNX =D


  • moss

    soooo sick bro!


    Shreddy Times Reply:

    Pretty sweet right!


  • kyle

    when you doing the 2012 trip?

    my buddy dives for a D1 school and i wanna watch this and get hamboned



  • Brendan Brown

    I too am so down to join a 2012 trip of a life time. when and can I join. Thanks Bren


  • Dr. S

    Hey Shreddy Times…. Serious Question. I would like to know if your crew would film a music video for me? I do live in Bermuda if that makes it easier. I would not mind having shreddy time logo rocken in the video, could maybe sponsor a hoddy to wear. please hulla back.


    Shreddy Times Reply:

    Sorry for the big delay in getting back to you. We would love to help you out. Shoot us an email at production@shreddytimes.com with some more details so that we can set you up. Stoked you considered us!


  • Dawson

    I love watching your videos they are a huge inspiration. And just get me stoked!


    Shreddy Times Reply:

    Yea dude! Stoked to hear you are so into them!