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Spring Reunion with Shreddy Times

Spring Reunion with Shreddy Times

May 18, 2011

This winter was particularly difficult for me and the rest of the Shreddy Times Crew. As most of you already know my brother and ST co founder Danny Toumarkine suffered a TBI on January 3rd. This pretty much put a hault to all of our winter plans and life in general. As most people can probably understand, It’s hard to get excited about filming snowboarding after you watched your brother almost die when you were filming him.

Danny and I spent most of the winter at the hospital in Montana or back home in New Hampshire. I returned to Lake Tahoe about a month and a half ago to begin slowly building momentum towards what we had going for us last fall. It’s been really hard to get back into much of any rhythm, but it’s starting to finally happen again.

I showed up at Squaw a few weekends ago hoping to film some various riders with no real expectation of what I might do with the footage. Silver and I were on the hill filming super early (as far as park riders are concerned) and taking advantage of the empty park and nice cord. Throughout the late morning riders came up to the mountain- many of which I have barely seen this season. Needless to say it was a great day filed with old friends and new. I was having so much filming that I had to skip out on the hot tub session to get Sponzo clearing the hip and Dakota making nice use of a Sequoia.

It is great to feel like the groove is back- Just in time for Summer! Hope you all like this edit.

~ Conor

  • Lebni

    it was nice to see your films again.. Great job, and hope danny gets better


  • http://www.shreddytimes.com Shreddy Times

    Hopefully a lot more to come! It’s great to have a film back up.


  • ble

    holy nial


  • Dennis

    Its really good to see new content from you guys. Keep it up, I’ll keep watching.


  • Scott M

    so happy to see new videos… love the snowboarding and the editing as well


  • http://www.patrickmcintosh.com Patrick McIntosh

    Dang! I am glad to see that you got your groove back before the end of the season and your bro is going to be okay. Killer vids!


  • bayan soltani

    dude that last video’s production quality is sick!! great editing!! hey I hope your brother pulls a full recovery and we are all rooting for down here in hot-ass-texas!!! stay positive and keep keeping it real!!!