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Surf’s Up!

Surf’s Up!

Aug 16, 2012

When I was initially invited to go on the Adaptive Surf Camp trip with high fives I set out with one goal in mind: To make an edit that would make even an able bodied person want to be sit down surfing with the high fives crew.

As an able bodied person myself I knew that this was going to be quite a challenge.

During the first and even second days of the trip I wondered weather this was even going to be possible as I watched athletes continue to get worked time and time again by the waves.

Toward the end of the second day I witnessed a major transformation of the riding and began to find myself smiling as I watched one fist pump and high five to the next. They were locked in on the waves and having an absolute blast.

As I started to compile and sort through all the footage I realized that I had captured some awesome shots and that the edit was going to have some really amazing moments. It also became clear that this edit needed to have the failures before the successes. After all, learning to surf was not easy and there was no point in making it appear as thought it was.

Getting to go on the surf trip with everyone from High Fives was an awesome experience. I learned a lot about how lucky I am- Lucky not just because I got to go to Southern California to film surfing for three days, but lucky to stand without much effort.

When I was putting together the edit I wanted to have a combination of classic surf with something a little more core to the surf, skate, snow community. The song Pipeline was a perfect fit for the explanatory section of the video which led into the Caesars song. The Caesars son was a perfect fit and I did in fact find myself with a smile from ear to ear as the first chorus of the song hit. “It’s easy once you know how it done” was the perfect lyric for showing Roy (High Fives Founder) looking like he was going to eat it again, only to plow through the wave with a somewhat surprised look on his face. From there it was all gravy.

Thanks High Fives for the opportunity to be apart of something amazing. You guys are making a super positive difference in the world and it’s a real pleasure to be around.

~ Conor