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Tee Shirt Design Contest

Tee Shirt Design Contest

Nov 11, 2010

Shreddy Times needs your help coming up with some new gear. Use your creativity to help us make some new tee shirts. What we are looking for are creative, stylish, and/or fun designs that promote what we are all about. Try to use either our logo or the full name “Shreddy Times” somewhere in the design. Feel free to draw, paint, photo, multimedia, whateverelseyoucanthinkof. If you need help putting your idea on a shirt or any other graphic help for that matter just shoot an email to production@shreddytimes.com. Even if all you have is an idea for a shirt but you are not good with graphics send us your idea. If we run it we will send you a tee.

We are providing a couple of tee shirts and variations of our logo. If you need additional graphics shoot us an email, we are here to help.

Winners will get their design on a Shreddy Times tee shirt and will get one shirt and a huge sticker packet. Hopefully multiple winners will be chosen. No limit to the number of times that you enter. Upload your entry right here on the site. Entries accepted until November 21st.

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By clicking submit you agree to allow Shreddy Times to use your entry idea or concept in a tee shirt that Shreddy Times might sell.

  • Jeremy Pedron

    I am curious id this is still going on. I am a freelance graphic designer who saw this a little to late. But are people still allowed compete?



  • http://www.kowareta.de vojeet

    Yes, when is the deadline?


  • Casey

    Yeah, I’d like to know if this is still going on as well…and instead of a free shirt how about something decent like percent of sales of that design?! ;D


  • Robert

    Tis really to bad they ended it so soon. This would have been fun


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