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The Shreddy Return

The Shreddy Return

Nov 5, 2012

The Shreddy Return Of Cody Boan and Christian Mares

Today two of Shreddy Times’ Athletes who had been injured over the past year returned to snowboarding. The setting was keystone and the shredding was all about smiles and good times. With 25 features, the early season Keystone park is without a doubt the best in the nation right now and Cody and Christian were absolutely having the times of their lives. In true Shreddy style these two showed up to the mountain with myself around 1pm, and managed to finagle their way onto the lift. Though they had not ridden since their injuries last year they came out swinging, putting down tricks most kids cant do mid season, all after taking a 10 month hiatus each.

Christian had broken bone fragments and torn fibrotic cartilage in his left ankle at the US Open 2011, which caused him to need surgery last January, he had been on the mountain but was unable to ride to his full potential until now. Cody had broken both ankles and torn ligaments in one foot at the Breckenridge stop of Dew Tour last year in December. Cody had two separate surgeries at the end of December 2011 and in March 2012 which left him in a wheel chair for a good chunk of the year

Both of these riders showed their true colors today and over came their injuries to come ride again today at Keystone. It was an inspiration to see these dudes out ripping it again and it will be extra motivation for this guy to step up his game and try to keep up with them all season long here in Colorado.


Christian Mares: Blue

Cody: Grey

Will Mayo: Black