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Zero to Powhero!

Zero to Powhero!

Nov 27, 2010

This weeks Shredit has a very unique look/feel,mostly due to the fact that a banger storm nailed the Tahoe Basin with 99 inches of fresh pow during the middle of the filming session. Kelly KaPOWski!!! Wow! None of the Shreddy Times riders could foresee the awesomefest that was about to ensue…

Opening day at Northstar looked like most early season ride sessions…minimal snow coverage. Good thing The Shreddy Times crew gets maximum coverage at all times. Railing, high fives and good vibes must have enticed the snow goddesses.

With the promise of multiple systems rolling through the area, Shreddy Times woke up to thigh high snow piles. Opening day at Squaw Valley was a different world compared to the day before at Northstar. Low Temps kept snow as fresh as a new Tubulur neckpiece.

One day of powder would have been Shred sufficient, however, everyday, for four days, ShredHeads woke up to a virtual snowglobe that Just wouldn’t quit…there was snow in my bed. All of this and we hadn’t even Shredded any turkey yet.


Shredit #2 from Shreddy Times on Vimeo.

  • Ian

    Danny, HILARIOUS, chest pump, and going “switch”. classic stuff dude, miss you man. Hope all is well! Conor keep up the sick vids